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Expansion of metro network in future which will attract the greater number of brands to advertise on media. Increase of Metro in Hyderabad was becoming more popular for Media Owners as people can attract more numbers of brands to advertise on media. We can place the advertisement of the brands on the metro pillars and the people who are waiting in the traffic can see and what it is about. The advertisement can be placed with the area of 5ft*10ft.

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Why Choose Us?

Three Media owning companies has allotted 24000 media units placed on the metro pillars for one year contract basis which stretches from Miyapur to Nagole via Ameerpet. The brands like Samsung is occupying most of the place that is 60 percent to 75 percent of the metro pillars for advertising
  • Knows more about brands
  • People waiting in the traffic can see the Metro pillar advertisements
  • Metro pillar ads are based on contract